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Video and images are essential in attracting audience attention and should not be overlooked in our increasingly visual world.

The simplicity with which we can create, edit, and distribute photographs, graphics, videos, and words makes creating engaging content easier. Viewers will be unable to go on if there is a combination of visuals or video and an attention-getting headline.

With the abundance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest, it’s more important to use photographs and videos to promote and package your products.

When appropriately used, photos can help you attract many visitors to your website, increase social sharing, and eventually help you achieve business objectives such as sales.

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Here are the top reasons why images are so important for your website.

1. Images and videos narrate a story about your product or service
Perhaps you’ve picked up on the old idiom that it’s better to show than tell. Pictures on your website work as storytellers, allowing visitors to visualize your product or service and then use it. Furthermore, research has shown that the human brain can correctly determine pictures faster, resulting in carefully chosen images that reflect your product and value, a crucial opportunity to quickly capture visitors’ attention (even before they’ve read a single word of text.) This identical result can help boost your company’s recall in the future. Aim for images that represent good vibes and, if possible, include people, as these are two factors that have been proved to increase conversion rates.

2. Images and videos help in SEO
If you properly label photographs with search-friendly data and descriptions, you’re creating content for search engines to index. Therefore, your material will appear in both web search results and image searches, giving you a two-fold chance of being found. Suppose you own original photography (rather than stock photographs). You might consider allowing local blogs and websites to use your images for free in exchange for a link back to your website. Inbound links are another fantastic approach to boost your search results.

3. Maximum clicks
Websites featuring images perform better in search rankings, but they’re also more eye-catching when they appear near the top of search results pages. This indicates that websites with properly labeled photos receive many clicks.

4. Images and videos provide visibility on social media
Photographs and videography play a crucial role in spreading the word about your local business on social media. According to studies, having at least one image on a page is associated with many Facebook shares. In contrast, social media posts with photographs had higher engagement rates than text-only posts. Make it simple for visitors to share your material by including links to instant posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites to gain the biggest social boost from your website photographs.

People may not take the time today to read a whole blog unless there is something that grabs their attention. Videos and images give you the power to show off your products or services visually to your customers in a short period. This is the chance to create something captivating for your audience. Make some amendments to your website again because Google likes pages where people spend most of their time. 

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