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Sometimes, brands fail to grab consumers’ attention by using false logos, using challenging names, or working with vague visions and messages. We live in a world where trends constantly evolve, so businesses need to adapt to attract new customers. If your business is failing to achieve the objectives you’ve set, maybe it’s time for a rebranding. You may need to upgrade your services, design a new logo or name after joining another company, or define new business goals, missions, or vision.

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When do you need to rebrand?

Rebranding is complex, expensive, and risky for large and small businesses. Therefore, you must have serious reasons to apply this method to your business. The main reasons to consider reconstruction are:

1. If placed in the market. Targeting involves changing the existing brand position of a company or product in the market. This process is critical when the company has a weak or outdated image, needs a global strategic change, or needs a new target audience. Suppose you decide to change your product to target an entirely new market segment with new packaging, size, flavor, promotional channels, price, or location. In that case, it’s a good idea to think about a redesign.

2. When you want to boost your company’s reputation. Scams, poor quality products, or information leaks on social media. Of course, this hurts your company and customers. Genuine changes in the company can help eliminate negative associations in people’s minds and restore customer confidence.

3. If a company merges. If two companies combine the two forces into one, your company will merge. For any business to showcase the best features, updating is essential to gain customer trust, create brand awareness, and prevent confusion. Integration allows your company to enter new markets, use financial resources efficiently, generate more profits, create new management, and more. This process also affects consumers, leading to better customer service, higher quality products, and lower prices.

4. When you want to go global. When a company enters a global market, it often seeks flexibility for specific growth and financial gain. To connect with a new area, companies come up with a new company name and logo that describes your brand, is unique among other countries, is easy to remember, and is understandable.

5. If there is a change in leadership. Companies are attached to their leaders. If a brand takes on new C-Suite leadership, there is a way to emphasize the new identity transfer.


How to rebrand through a website?

1. Manage domains with your hosting provider
Create a new domain with your hosting provider. You will need to register in DNS and manage name server changes including pointing old domains to the new one. Cascading occurs automatically when a new DNS login is entered with your hosting provider.

2. Clone your website
Assuming your website is an informational site, make a copy of it and publish it as a new domain. For example, if your old brand name is oldbrand.com, and your current website is newbrand.com, create a new instance named www.newbrand.com on your web server. Enter the appropriate entry in the web server configuration, obtain the SSL certificate, and install it for the unique domain.

3. Temporarily turn off your visibility on search engines
Create a rule in your robots.txt file to prevent all bot visits from being listed on an entirely new website. Failure to do so may reduce organic search (SEO) traffic to your existing website.

4. Make changes to the code and content
Take a look at the website and find all the examples referencing the old brand. For example, you can see that it is referred to in different ways, such as old brand, oldbrand.com, oldbrandTM, OB (abbreviation), old brand, etc. Once you know what you’re doing, use the script to find all the old brand examples and add content, meta descriptions, and brand-new pages to the title pages of the new website.

Is your business set to rebrand itself? Contact our team for the best rebranding strategies.

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