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The webmaster (or web agency) does everything from designing the website to optimizing it. Nowadays, some web agencies have separate teams to take care of everything related to the websites or there are still individual webmasters. The need for a webmaster is paramount to having a website that brands your business and is user-friendly.

Who is a Webmaster?
A webmaster is an individual or a web agency who takes care of a website and all of its operations by offering website management services. These services include taking care of the servers, getting them optimized to reach people, and protecting them from hackers and web attacks. Businesses hire webmasters/web agencies to ensure they take care of their online presence. Nowadays, webmasters are also responsible for the online marketing of businesses. However, the role of a webmaster can vary as per the client and businesses which hire them.

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Role of a Webmaster
There are a lot of things required to run a website successfully. Business owners cannot do it all by themselves as they have several other roles to play. In this case, they hire a webmaster or a professional team who can handle and manage their website. Here are some of the many things that a webmaster does:

1. Eliminating the cyber attacks
Technology is advancing for good, but some use it in ways that can lead people into trouble. A website does run just by uploading files, however, the most crucial part behind hosting a website is to take care of the vulnerabilities and attacks.
The best way is to check for frequent backups as it not just saves from attacks but also restores the vulnerable data. By creating regular backups, many of the cyber-attacks can be eliminated. However, that isn’t the only thing required. The webmaster also monitors the server to check for the latest updates, as updating the server reduces the chances of data loss.

2. Monitoring the server
Webmasters carry out global monitoring of the servers so that even if the site gets hacked, it can be recovered back. They also get weekly and monthly reports which allow them to analyze the server issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

3. Keeping Websites Updated
The potential customers of a business can check out the website through various devices simultaneously. All the devices have individual browsers. Sometimes the websites crash, and the servers go slow. There’s a chance of a heavy bounce rate from websites and losing customers if this happens. Thus, to ensure nothing of this sort happens, webmasters keep websites up to date.

If your website was built in WordPress the webmaster has access to your WordPress backend via WordPress Global Monitoring System, so if a hacker tries to take advantage of an outdated plugin, your webmaster gets the notification to combat it as soon as possible. After posting the regular website updates, the webmaster ensures that the update hasn’t broken your website.

4. Search Engine Optimization
What is the point of using a website if it is not visible? The main purpose is to get to the potential customers and let them know about the services you offer. However, as there can be several competitors, it can get a bit difficult to stand out. One way to do so is to get the customers to notice you first before other businesses. It can only be possible if your website is optimized on the search engine and appears among the top searches. So, the webmaster/web agency may also offer the service for carrying out technical SEO practices.

5. Check for bandwidth spike
Bandwidth spikes can be hazardous to the website. Thus, webmasters look for the reason for such spikes and look for methods to solve them depending on whether there is some issue with the content or the disc space.

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