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In WordPress, a plugin is a software application that enhances the features and functionality of a WordPress website. Plugins play an essential role in building better websites with WordPress, and this makes it easy for users to add features to their website without having to understand a single line of code.

There are over 50,000 free plugins in Plugin Directory, and there are thousands of premium WordPress plugins written by third-party developers.

An Introduction to WordPress Plugins
WordPress plugins are applications that allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress site, just as mobile applications do for your smartphone. A famous saying in the WordPress community goes like this, “There is a plugin for everything.”

The WordPress Plugin API provides a robust set of links and filters that allow developers to modify existing WordPress functionality or add new ones. You will find your plugins in a section on the WP dashboard. Here you can enable and disable your existing plugin and install new ones.

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What Can a WordPress Plugin Do?
WordPress plugins work in conjunction with WordPress software. It allows you to create almost any type of website (not just blogs) with WordPress.

For example, you can do the following:
1. Launch an online store with WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin.
2. Create workloads with WordPress using the Task Manager plugin
3. Build a business guide with the best guide plugin for WordPress
4. Start a coupon site like RetainMeNot.
5. Create your photography website with the Envira Gallery plugin
6. Create a wiki with the Knowledge Foundation plugin
7. Start your podcast site with WordPress and more.

No matter which website you’re opting for, everything is possible with WordPress. They can also improve your SEO, increase functionality, add a contact form, create social media buttons, galleries, and much more.

Plugins can be made smaller and provide only a tiny feature (such as adding an image to the sidebar). Or it could be large and act as its own platform (for example, WordPress eCommerce plugin or WordPress subscription plugin).

How do WordPress Plugins work?
WordPress is written so that other developers can add their code. The WordPress Plugin API provides a robust set of links and filters that allow developers to modify existing WordPress functionality or add new ones.

WordPress developers can also use it to store information in the WordPress database. The plugin can use WordPress content types, categorization, and custom domains that allow users to store different content, not just posts, and pages.

Every WordPress plugin installed on your site is logged into your WordPress database, and you can enable or disable them whenever you want. WordPress connects to the database, uploads the essential software, and then loads your active plugin at each visit. This code gets processed on your server and shared with the user’s browser.

You can also configure, disable plugin settings, or easily remove plugins from your WordPress site as a site manager. As your site grows over time, you may have plugins that you no longer need. You can uninstall these plugins to improve your site’s performance.

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