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Reputation Management is concerned with monitoring and maintaining your brand’s name across the internet and ensuring that your business is accurately portrayed and that potential clients are left with a positive image of who you are and what your business is all about. It’s not something that should be taken lightly nor is it easy to do.

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Steps that a professional would take on Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  • Evaluation of your online image should be the first stage in your online reputation management plan. Tracking your reputation is an essential component of reputation management, and it’s ideally a habit you’ll keep once your brand name rectification efforts are through.
  • You’ll begin by conducting some basic searches, primarily using your name as a keyword. See what comes up when you enter it into a search engine.


Improving Customer Relationship with ORM

  • Whether there is one negative review against two positive reviews or a series of critics, start asking more of your consumers for input. Getting more reviews can help you figure out where the problem is and how to deal with it.
  • If you respond to a negative review correctly, it may be handled. However, if you leave it alone, it will have its negative impact. Knowing how to respond is crucial. If done correctly, you can often turn critics into devoted consumers. By doing so, you’ll be able to demonstrate to other consumers that you care about whether or not your clients have a good experience.
  • Some critics can be helpful, offering an honest assessment of your entire business. After you’ve received input, consider it, and see if it’s a hint of a genuine flaw. If that’s the case, be willing to make any required adjustments.


Importance of Reputation Management for Brand and People


We are currently living in a period of active audiences, during which people express their thoughts about businesses and services on a variety of platforms regularly. With 83% of customers starting their journey with a Google search, no business can afford to ignore that the SERPs reflect unreliability. One negative review can impact the whole company in the long run. People generally ignore those ten reviews online when just one negative is enough to change decisions.


  • Your online reputation is essential to your business because most customers browse reviews to see whether your company is trustworthy. 81% of customers conduct some online research before making a purchase. The way you reflect on the internet is the make-or-break factor in their ultimate decision.
  • 85% of customers regard online reviews as personal recommendations and view them with the same level of credibility as a suggestion from a friend.
  • The Internet also keeps everything in order. Whatever people say about your business on the internet is likely to stay on the internet, but you do have a chance to change the negative perception about your company. You can turn an unhappy customer into a happy follower by using the proper response.
  • Monitoring is an essential element of controlling your online identity. You’ll start collecting data on client satisfaction and feedback on your product or service.

At Abacus Web Services, we work with clients to help them build many favorable online reviews and improve their overall quality. We understand that 90% of your potential clients make purchasing decisions based on online evaluations and ratings of your company. Thus, we work hard to maintain your ORM while you work on growing and expanding your business.

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