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The purpose of your website is to be a 24/7 window into your business and to help you expand it. The issue is that most people overlook the fact that websites are just another form of media. As a result, we have compiled a list of some of the most prevalent reasons websites don’t help businesses expand.

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1. ADA Compliant
According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all public places, including specific digital spaces and those accessible via the internet, should be accessible to people with disabilities. If you’re a digital publisher or a small company owner, you need to be aware of the ADA and the risks of failing to comply with the legislation. If someone with a disability says they cannot access your website, you may risk legal action.

2. Broken Links
A broken link does not work on your website. As a result, the server displays a “404 not found” message. Broken links on a website would have a negative effect on the user experience and a significant detrimental impact on your website’s SEO efforts.

3. Outdated Information
The basic appearance of your website makes an excellent initial impression, but the reader is visiting because they’re looking for helpful information. If you don’t keep the information about products/services updated on your website, the audience will question your credibility.

4. Images Missing or Not Appropriate for the Product/Service
When creating your website, it’s critical to select only those components that will significantly impact the site’s goals and SEO. Images is one aspect of a website where this is frequently true. If you want to include images on your site, make sure they’re appropriately optimized, so they don’t slow down your site.

5. Outdated Website
When people visit your website, they see it as a reflection of your company. If your website appears professional and is filled with helpful information, the audience will perceive you as an authority and informed. On the other hand, if your website seems poorly organized, structured, and out of date, it will lead to repeated assumptions about your organization. The layout of your website should be harmonious and consistent with promoting your product and service and a positive user experience.

6. Incorrect Pricing on Website
Price discrepancies are one of the most commonly found issues that irritate users and can cause a consumer to not chose your product or service. Having the correct and up-to-date price on your website not only increases the chance of a conversion, it shows that you care about your company and its customers.

7. Unsecured Shopping Cart
If you establish your website on a reliable platforms like Woo Commerce and Shopify, you’re allowing your clients to work with some of the most influential companies in the financial sector. However, not every website is developed under such platforms. Those who build independent websites should invest in the payment option and look for a means to assist the customer as much as possible when using a shopping cart.

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