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Like hairstyles and clothing, website design has trends that are popular for a while and eventually become outdated. After the last two years, people are cautious about 2022. Part of that caution is buying products or services that aren’t necessarily trendy but have value that will last. Where website design comes into that is rather than following the most popular trends, you may want to pick the most effective style trends that are timeless and last for years. So, to understand the effective design styles, let’s start by looking at web design trends.

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1. Welcoming Designs
Although an exciting 2022 is anticipated, people are still adjusting to the new norm of the pandemic, and people are even more cautious. Therefore, the website’s design should change to reassure visitors that the products and services on display are safe and healthy.

Reduce anxiety and stress by using pictures, forms, and colors that convey a sense of security and promote good habits. Images and styles that include home decor, outside landscape, or greenery in large work areas help reduce anxiety and stress while increasing comfort.

  • Organic shapes (like those seen in nature)
  • Natural colors (earth tones and greens)
  • Crisp style elements that flow well and harmoniously.

Area in styles (such as vast operating rooms) imitates a healthy and safe practice of social distancing, which reduces health concerns.


2. Micro animation and Micro-interaction
People’s attention spans are short, and animation is one of the most effective techniques to draw attention to your website.

  • Including tiny, moving designs for your backdrop pictures is one way to achieve this. This is frequently done on the top section of the website so that visitors can see moving images as soon as they arrive on your page.
  • Concentrate on color and contrast after introducing motion and micro-interaction. Use natural colors like blue, green, and brown for the background. Brighter colors like yellow, orange, and red should be used for light-hearted animations and interactions.
  • Use animated styles that allow people to interact with them. This will result in a delightful user experience.


3. Motivational Illustrations
People want to be energized, especially after the challenges they faced in the past two years. You can utilize website design to either directly or indirectly inspire others. Such designs are reassuring and welcoming, and they can help users have a great experience.

  • Remember to utilize bright and exciting colors that are ascending rather than darker colors that are continually depressing.


4. 3D Images
3D can be an excellent method to bring excitement and fun to your designs, especially if your overall theme is edgy or trendy.

  • The greatest way to show off 3D visuals is to make them bold, large, and viewable.
  • Ensure that the images are clear and high-quality.
  • 3D visuals (ample footage or artwork) work best as website headers. However, don’t utilize too many large 3D visuals, as they’ll overwhelm your entire look.


5. Inclines and Slopes/ Gradients
Consider using gradients in your design when the website feels dull, or the colors don’t match perfectly. Gradients are a collection of colors that blend seamlessly into one another.

Gradients are a timeless, fashionable style, and they’ve been used in website design for a long time. Gradients will enhance any style by adding depth, texture, and fun to your website’s design.

Gradients can be used in various ways, including logos, icons, backdrops, typography, and more.

  • Use gradients for small menu icons or logos to help minor and vital components stand out.
  • If you use gradients for larger components, be sure that other design elements on your site are not rendered less visible.


6. Bold and Colorful
By employing daring and colorful pictures, you may help to create excitement and a pleasurable browsing experience. Bold colors like orange, red, sky-blue, and yellow are suitable for flat graphics.


7. Unusual Imagery
Unusual images work nicely for a few brands. Strange graphics, bizarre alternative photographs, and unique images will impact your website visitors. However, be sure that this is consistent with your or your organization’s brand. If this style fits your entire persona, you’ll be able to be as creative and adventurous as you want to stand out truly.

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