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The evolution of technology has made life easier and faster. There are many online tools available just for that. Some help you organize your day, while some help in storing words, phrases, or paragraphs. Here, we have compiled a list just for you.

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Jitbit Autotext
Neil Papworth sent the first-ever SMS message from a computer to a cell phone on December 3rd, 1992. Today there are 23 billion text messages sent every day globally.

Jitbit Auto text is a text inserter tool to store words or phrases for reuse. It brings speed and accuracy for texting or writing. You can pre-define the text inserts like datelines, headers, and footers, etc. It can store bigger chunks of text like paragraphs and pictures too.

Advantages of Jitbit Autotext

  • Text typing is faster and easier
  • Autocompletes your frequently used text pieces in any program
  • Works in all word processors, text editors, and email software
  • Suitable for any internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera
  • Appropriate for any online solutions like Google Docs or Gmail

Whether it is for personal use or the business world, data’s overall accuracy and consistency are essential. Many businesses have incorporated SMS as their prominent marketing and communicating channel. Response time of the customer support using Jitbit Autotext is structured and organized.

Awesome Screenshot
A screenshot is an image that shows the contents that are displayed on the computer. Why is it so important?

The fantastic screenshot tool is the solution for backing up and preserving what is essential to you. It is a revolutionary idea to save vital text messages and call logs etc., for later use. It can be beneficial to showcase as proof of events without the risk of forgetting.


  • Record Entire Desktop, all running applications, etc. Video recording is free for up to 30 secs in the free version
  • Record both screen and camera simultaneously
  • You can share images/videos instantly to multiple destinations
  • Connect directly with other tools like Slack, Asana, etc
  • Your screenshot is just a click away
  • You can edit your screenshots too

You can sometimes feel overwhelmed with work and deadlines if you are not organized with a to-do list.

A To Do list is a list of tasks you want to complete in an organized way. Traditionally people wrote reminders on a piece of paper, notebook, or post-it notes.

Todoist solves your problem by outlining what you need to do and make your work more efficient. You can prioritize the tasks and set them in order. Appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and payment reminders are set all in one place.

The biggest advantage of using Todoist is that you can update it easily. It can help you stay on top of important projects and decisions.

Express VPN
A VPN (a virtual private network) gives you privacy and anonymity from spies and hackers while on the internet. A type of virtual tunnel hides your data and IP address to protect your identity.

Microsoft One Note
Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking application. It has replaced multiple paper notebooks. Though it is a digital notebook, handwrite and draw diagrams made the transition easy and exciting. It is available on various platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian. A hub to store tables, audio or video clipping, drawings, and images.

It works efficiently between devices, thanks to the integration of SkyDrive. You can download One Note on your pc and access/edit from any windows phone because of the built-in Microsoft suite.

One Note has a fantastic feature. It can sync the recording to your typed or handwritten notes. You can click on the speaker smart tag next to any place in your messages and hear the audio recording that occurred at precisely that time.

Typing faster with JitBit Autotext, taking screenshots with Awesome Screenshots, organizing your to-do list with Todoist, having a private network using Express VPN, and making notes with Microsoft OneNote. All these tools have made our personal and professional life sorted. Stay organized and stay on top of the list.

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