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People want their work to be carried out in the least complicated way and quickly, which is why almost 90% of organizations, freelancers, and businessmen seek the help of DIY tools to get their work done. Logo designing is one of them. This exercise looks effortless, but only if you’re willing to risk your credibility in the future. Why?

Many may think hiring a professional to design a logo is a waste of money when it can be done using few DIY tools. However, this might not be the best idea.

Remember, your logo will leave an impression on your new and existing customers and if you want to stand out from the crowd, why would you choose from logo templates, instead of getting one done customized to your needs? Not satisfied yet, here are a few more reasons.

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Reasons to Avoid DIY Logo Tools

There are numerous templates available online. You have to gather your team and decide on the logo, color, print, paint, Photoshop, etc. Don’t you think it is a lot of work for a day? This is just the beginning because now you need to combine all those graphics, designs, and colors to come out with a unique logo design. However, hiring a professional designer will at least ease you from this hassle. Simply contact and let them know your requirements. They will handle all work with input from you and leave you excited to see the final result.

You Don’t Get a Versatile Logo
A brand logo is used in every product and service that you deliver. Preparing a different logo for every item doesn’t look good. The logo may not fit on a small business card, or the image is blurred when enlarged and posted on a banner. Professional designers understand the requirements of the client because they are experienced in this area. They use the right proportion, scale, size, and resolution on the logo, which can be used anywhere and on everything.

Bad Color Choice
Poorly picked color and font size can destroy the whole brand image. The brand logo is the first thing that appears in a customer’s mind. Different colors have different effects on people. For example, orange is for joy and creativity, and purple is for fantasy, royalty, spirituality, justice, and art. Most banks and financial institutions have blue in their logo because of trust, security, loyalty, and power. And colors look different on a website than they do on collateral materials so experienced designers keep this in mind.

There may be companies who may claim that designing a logo is simple. Of course, it is simple if you handpick a few logo design templates online. You can’t think that designing a logo is a small job, but a brand logo is the pillar of its brand name. The whole branding decision relies on the logo and its future design.

Abacus Web Services provides professionally designed logos that help your brand stand out from the crowd. We have been in the digital market for 22 years, establishing our credibility and familiarity with the latest trends. Want to get a custom logo designed for your business? Contact us today!

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