cyber security imageThere is a new form of organized crime out there and it’s cybercrime. It is defined as criminal activities that take place through a computer or the internet. Not only are cyber-attacks against large corporations, but 43% are against small business. Cybint News

That’s why as a business you need to protect yourself against data breaches. A data breach is unauthorized access of data containing personal information in electronic form. Cyber security experts now say that it’s not if a data breach happens to you, but when it happens, and you need to be prepared. Many businesses are not aware that there has been a breach on an average of 197 days after it occurs.

The cyber criminals get to you through your vulnerability whether that’s not having any anti-virus software or using the same password for all of your accounts, for example. They will also use ransomware, unintended disclosures and lost/stolen electronic devices, to name a few more.

A cyber-attack in which a business’s client’s personal information has been stolen can cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to correct and even put some companies out of business altogether.

Here are some tips to protect your business.

Buy cyber-liability insurance.
Put all of the appropriate software in place to deter cyber-attacks.
Have an action plan in place in case you do get attacked.
Inform and train your employees on the action plan.
Use complex and unique passwords for everything you do (and that applies to your personal information too!).
Become aware of the cyber security laws in your state and the state where your clients reside (as the law of the victim’s home state must be followed in case of a data breach) so that you aren’t accountable for a hefty fine.

Don’t get caught out by being vulnerable to an attack and if a data breach does occur contact a lawyer that specializes in cyber law.

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