“There are three essential components to business success: a great idea, focus, and luck. But luck won’t work without the first two.” Bruce Stout, President of The Rainmaker’s Forum and the Fantasy Business League

I agree with Bruce and I also think that the role of a website is a key to creating a better business.

According to Clutch in 2018, only two-thirds of small businesses have a website. That’s astounding considering that a website is the window to a small business and is available 24/7 to customers and potential customers. Some small businesses may feel that they won’t get any return on a website, but I don’t believe that to be true.

A website is important for marketing (and digital marketing). It’s the platform for building the brand, not just online, but as a reinforcement for collateral material too.

A website is the place for potential customers to ‘check you out’, in other words, to ensure that the business is legit and provides the services or product that they are looking for.

A website means that a small business can reach more customers and potential customers and that means more opportunities to build a better business through sales. A website doesn’t automatically mean that sales will come right away, but using SEO for a website can improve the chances and build those sales.

93% of online experiences begin with a search on a search engine such as Google. If a business doesn’t have a website, they will never be found and since the Yellow Pages no longer exists, where are those people supposed to find the business? (especially as generation Z and most of generation Y don’t even know about the Yellow Pages)

A website is consistently available for consumers to access information about a bricks and mortar small business and is it essential for an online business. There is no other way for a customer to buy products and/or order services from the comfort of their home or office on their smart phone/laptop/desk top than through an
E-commerce platform on a website.

A website that is up to date and has a professional appearance is also vital to creating a better business. Therefore, a professional web designer is essential because the website will be created with the latest technologies, it will be a design customized to the particular business, it will provide the best customer experience and it will be SEO compliant.

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