Every week we get a handful of calls and emails from clients for whom we run their email on Rackspace. They have received emails supposedly from Rackspace saying that their account or email can’t be confirmed, or their profile needs to be updated, to name a few. These are scam emails!

Keep in mind that….
• Rackspace will never email you directly. Any messages about your email account will only come from us at  Abacus Web Services.
• Legitimate companies only use your name, not “Dear Valued Customer”, for example.
• The sender’s name and email address as well as the body of the message are formatted to look legitimate. Also, a legitimate sender will have the company name in their email address.
• The language used may not be grammatically correct English.

Phishing can also be done on bank accounts and credit card accounts so beware!


Good Morning,
Someone on an unrecognized device attempted to sign in to your Rackspace account.
And a request to de-activate your email account was made
If this was you, you’re all set!
Did not request this? Cancel De-activation.

Rackspace Active Team

From: RackSpace <adanna@belcan.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 12:21 PM
Subject: The current account name set for this mailbox could not be confirmed
Importance: High
Dear Valued Customer,

The current account name set for this mailbox could not be confirmed.

You are required to confirm your profile information immediately.
Click here to proceed

Please Note: Your account name is required to ensure all outgoing messages are delivered accordingly.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Thank you for choosing Rackspace!


If you have any questions whether you have an account with us or not, call us! 941.870.5343

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