In the news lately, there have been a number of reputation management crises for a few of the major airlines such as passengers being dragged or kicked off of the plane, being denied boarding, having pets die and having their possessions taken away, all for different reasons.

Pew Research says that 80% of Americans have a smart phone and half of those also have a tablet. This means that they have instant access to social media so that these events are videoed and posted in real time. The airlines don’t even have to time react before their reputation is brought down several notches. This is just one example of how powerful online activity can make or break a reputation, whether it is for a business or an individual.

We recommend that Reputation Management be are part of your business plan and something that is monitored regularly. We also strongly recommend that you be proactive and not just reactive. Monitoring your reputation regularly online, especially on social media, is one way to be proactive. Also, putting out positive information and images on a regular basis is another way to be proactive.

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