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If you happen to read about Sarasota SEO services, you are likely to stumble upon the term featured snippets. Wondering what it is? Don’t worry, here’s a quick overview to help you catch up.

Often, an extract or summary appears at the top when you run a Google search. That little text giving a summary of what is on the website is a featured snippet.

People nowadays do not dive deep into the website’s content. They will skim through it to see if they find an answer to their queries and then decide whether to click on the website. Usually, what will appear in the snippet is pulled from your website’s content.

Why are Featured Snippets Important?
A featured snippet shows an auxiliary feature for the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which you can secure. It ensures better visibility for your website when people search for something. As a result, the clicks per page on your website will increase.

How to Get a Better Featured Snippet?

  • Ensure you do thorough research on the topic. Then research how you can pull featured snippets to your site.
  • Target a specific keyword on the headers and other parts of the blog.
    Structure your content well. To do this, try incorporating questions in the headers and answering the direct question asked by the researcher.
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