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You have a website, it’s driving enough traffic, but you want to convert more visitors to paying customers. This is an integral part of any online business that wants to make reasonable profits.

Live Chats are an excellent way to interact with your potential customers and existing customers, answer their questions, and build a good relationship with them. There is unexplored potential in the live chats, which will help you understand the visitor’s behavior on your site, what they like, and the improvements you can make. Consequently, it is a proven way to boost your company’s sales.

One leading Live Chat service that will convert your business leads is ApexChat! It’s a smartly built software with human agents talking with people on your website. This program ensures that you are available for your customers 24/7.

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We Offer Services to the Following Business Fields Plus Many More:

  1. Home – We offer live chatting to your visitors on the roofing, plumbing, HVAC, window, and solar websites. Our team is here to sort out your online clients for the commercial service business and any other home service you are offering.
  2. Legal – From bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, and any other legal areas, our software will capture more leads for your firm.
  3. Medical – Our 24/7, managed medical service live chats for weight loss, cosmetics, dentists, and other medical websites will help you convert visitors into patients.
  4. Marketing – Our live chat software compounds your marketing efforts for web design, SEO, SEM, social media, PPC, and other digital services.

Here’s How ApexChat Benefits Your Business

1.     Increase in Online Advertising ROI

Of course, for your online business to perform well, you have to pay for constant advertising. It will drive traffic to your page, but people might not buy your product because they are missing some information.

This is where live chats come in. Through ApexChat, you can introduce your brand, what you offer and what the customer will get by purchasing your product or service. This way, the money you spend driving people to the website does not go to waste. It ensures that the customers visiting the site do not leave empty-handed.

2.    Improve Conversion Rate

Fast and efficient customer engagement is the need of the hour. No one appreciates waiting, especially when there is an information gap.

ApexChat offers real-time solutions to the customers, speeding up their buying decisions. Moreover, customers feel satisfied when their queries are answered in a timely fashion.

3.    An Easy Way to Convince Customers

Customers who visit your site will have many questions that need answering. It’s upon you through the live chat to answer these questions. It gives the customers assurance about the product or service you are offering. Talking to them about it provides customers an incentive to purchase the product or service.

Don’t worry – we install the live chat widget on your website. For any support you require, we take care of it.

Do not be left behind! See your website sales increasing by incorporating the ApexChat live chat widget – contact Abacus Web Services for more information.






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