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People are running for essentials, restaurants, and bars are allowing people with masks, offices are allowed to work at 50% capacity. It’s surprising how the world has taken a 180-degree turn after the Coronavirus epidemic.

With the growing need to follow social distancing, the day to day, normal activities were replaced by remote working.

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The impact has been so severe that businesses had to rethink their operations and find ways to stay connected to the employees without any disruption. However, thanks to video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more, companies are able to maintain their communication and work in coordination to achieve their business goals.

You will be surprised to know that the global market size for video conferencing valued at $3.85 billion in 2019. Whether it is a rise in the work from home culture or epidemics, video conferencing has become an integral part of working.

Even when the entire world is under lockdown, video conferencing is the tool that gives the margin for meetings and collaborative idea sharing to happen. Well, video conferencing has many other benefits that will compel you to implement one in your organization. Let’s look at how video conferencing is beneficial for all of us:

Comprehensive enterprise solution

For offices with branches in different locations, the video conferencing tool is a blessing in disguise during the COVID-19 epidemic. The companies had been looking for something substantial to invest in a comprehensive enterprise solution that aids flawless communication. Video conferencing is one such tool that doesn’t need any regulations to follow. It comes with its cloud license and web apps that help organizations to stay connected with their employees.

An affordable and convenient way to connect with your team

Video conferencing is a very affordable and convenient solution. An organization gets a good quality camera and an entire infrastructure that allows personal meetings. Here an employee doesn’t need to move anywhere to see their colleagues and managers.

Time efficiency

Remember the old days where employees had to travel to other locations for an in-person meeting which ate up most of the productive hours? Now meetings can be done at a click of your system, all thanks to video conferencing tools. The use of these tools helps to save time and allows real-time meetings without needing the physical presence of the person at the meeting venue.

Offers better accessibility

Employees who are introverts and feel hesitant to put their points on the table are offered a better opportunity during teleconferencing to engage with other participants. Moreover, employees with disabilities who are working at remote locations have the facility of live captions and transcriptions in some video conferencing apps that help to engage them effectively.

Beneficial for onboarding employees

Video conferencing tools are the best at times when big organizations conduct inductions at various branches when a new employee enters the organization. Also, it helps to educate and train remote employees where they are allowed to explore and learn through training videos.

Facilitates recording

It is not always possible to note down the details of every meeting, and there are chances of missing relevant information during the meeting. Video conferencing facilitates recording that ensures all the crucial information is kept intact. It can be used later on to summarize any important strategy or assist other employees.

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