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A working website.

We all understand the significance of a strong first impression. What kind of impression is your business’s website making on your clients? Websites drive business, introduce your services or products to potential customers, and present a major marketing opportunity on even the tightest budget. They connect you with your customers on a 24/7 basis. If you’re not sure that your website is doing the best job possible, speak to us about how we can help. Find out more...

How's your traffic?

If your business website’s traffic is low, there are steps you can take to boost those figures. Abacus Web Services offer tailored SEO and PPC campaigns that will find your market, target them with specific digital marketing, and make sure they land on your website. We can offer you with limited start-up costs, no overpriced monthly contracts and a free proposal discussion with no strings attached. Perfect for a new business on a budget. Find out more...

Want to sell more?

If your website incorporates an online shopping option for your customers then smooth and intuitive e-commerce features are an absolute must-have for your business. This is a tough feature to incorporate without expert guidance. Fortunately, Abacus Web Services has years of experience creating sophisticated but simple e-commerce solutions that will transform your website into a more profitable space. Find out more...

WordPress Development Services

wordpress development sarasotaThanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the digital marketing. web design and development industry, we know how to make platforms like WordPress do wonders for your business. Whether you’re looking to build a stand-alone website with WordPress as your platform, or just want to start a blog, we’ll design and set up your WordPress website from beginning to end.

If you plan to use your WordPress website as a blog that connects with your primary business website, we will ensure that the design of the blog seamlessly blends into the brand messaging created by your website and digital marketing campaigns.

Why do we love WordPress?

It’s a great way to build your business website for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Thanks to WordPress’s CMS (Content Management System) set-up, you can manage your own updates as a business owner once we’ve done the hard work of getting the site up and running.
  • It’s super-flexible, with a huge range of plugins available to help you customize the page to suit your brand and business, and many of them are free or surprisingly cheap.
  • We have extensive experience in developing and maintaining WordPress-based websites, so you’ll feel comfortable knowing that we’ve got everything under control.
  • Once you’re ready to start managing your website or blog without outside support, we can provide remote access training to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Every quarter, we’ll give your WordPress page a re-visit to make sure all of your plugins are up to date, completely secure, and working well.

Why Blog With WordPress?

  • Blogging is an awesome way to get content out there that keeps your clients connected and engaged with your business while attracting new visitors with fresh, authentic content that gets eyes on your brand.
  • A WordPress blog is simple and straightforward to use, so you and your staff can keep it updated with regular content with minimal hassle or technical drama.
  • Your business will benefit from the SEO-boost that comes with blogging and you should see a spike in website visitors.
  • WordPress is absolutely free to use, so you can blog to your heart’s content without messing with your budget.
  • You can connect your social media followers with content that links straight to your blog, improving your business’s search engine ranking and getting more attention on your new products and services.
  • Abacus can provide a monthly blog update service so your site is always up to date and looking great.
  • We’ll incorporate your WordPress blog script directly into your website design so your visitors have a seamless user experience when they visit your page.
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