A Poor Mobile Site Is Costing You Business!

Is your mobile site costing you business?

Is your mobile site costing you business?

Google is penalizing non-mobile friendly websites in their SEO rankings. In April of 2015 Google changed how they rank websites on mobile devices, meaning that if you don’t have a responsive design, then Google may lower your ranking on those mobile devices and that may lose you business! What is even worse is that your prospective customers are doing the same thing because people rank your business based on your website. If your customers can’t find you on their mobile device then they just might move on to your competitor who has a responsive website!

It’s been predicted that by 2017 more than 63% of smartphone and tablet users will access online content through their mobile devices and that is why we build every new website with a responsive design! That means that the website is mobile friendly which will load more quickly and look better on a smaller screen. Regular sized websites on a small screen are too hard to see, navigate and do business on.

Abacus Web Services can convert your current website to be mobile friendly by building a dedicated mobile version of what you already have online. We also have a mobile SEO (search engine optimization) program to help build your business.

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