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SEO versus PPC

There are different ways to digitally market a business though its website. SEO or search engine optimization steers traffic to a website organically. PPC or pay per click is website traffic that is generated from paying for it.

SEO relies on the quality of the website with its relevant information and keywords to create that organic traffic and push the website up in the rankings and it is the more strategic path in search engine marketing. PPC is an ad on the search engine that have keywords and if the user clicks on the ad, then the business pays for that click. It is more of a fast response approach.

According to reliablesoft.net, PPC is likely to convert more users into action because the keywords are highly targeted and the user explicitly clicked on them. SEO traffic may not convert as high because users may not have explicitly searched with those targeted keywords and may not be looking for that particular content.

Both strategies require experience and expertise so hiring a professional is recommended. SEO takes longer and professionals suggest that an SEO campaign has to be given three to six months to gain any traction. PPC can bring in faster results especially for high converting products/services. Some search engine strategists suggest using both for website marketing. PPC can initially test out the keywords and make those quick conversions which then helps with the best keywords for SEO and a longer term strategy.

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