Review Management

Are you aware of how people perceive you, your business and your brand? Where do prospective customers go to find out more about you?
Statistics show that over half of consumers read reviews of a business or product/service before deciding to make a purchase.

If you Googled yourself or your business and saw something negative, what would you do? How would you cope with a negative review?

Abacus Web Services has the solution! We have a Review Management tool that helps you control the reviews for your business.




How Does A Review Management Tool Work?

After a service visit or purchase of a product, the customer receives an email/text with a feedback prompt. These prompts can be sent weekly, monthly etc., but the sooner the better after the service visit/purchase. Statistics say that seven out of ten customers will leave a review for a business when asked to do so and recent reviews are taken more seriously than older ones.

If it is a Thumbs Up, then the customer gets the option to click into Facebook, Google etc., to sign-in and leave a review.

If it is a Thumbs Down, then they are presented with a brief feedback form that is then sent to you so you can address their issue.

Customers are also able to leave reviews directly on your website.

Why Is Review Management Important?

It will greatly increase the numbers of reviews that your business receives and positive reviews can increase sales!

Because prospective customers use review site ratings to make pre-purchase determinations. McKinsey & Company say that 87% of consumers will comparison shop for every purchase.

The system reporting picks up any issues the customers may have with your service or product. In using the reporting tools, you may be able to relay the results to a particular agent(s) and take early action to improve the service or product. According to Vendasta Marketing, 70% of customers who have complained will do business with you again if you resolve the issue in their favor. There is nothing like documentary proof to wake people up!

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