A working website.

We all understand the significance of a strong first impression. What kind of impression is your business’s website making on your clients? Websites drive business, introduce your services or products to potential customers, and present a major marketing opportunity on even the tightest budget. They connect you with your customers on a 24/7 basis. If you’re not sure that your website is doing the best job possible, speak to us about how we can help. Find out more...

How's your traffic?

If your business website’s traffic is low, there are steps you can take to boost those figures. Abacus Web Services offer tailored SEO and PPC campaigns that will find your market, target them with specific digital marketing, and make sure they land on your website. We can offer you with limited start-up costs, no overpriced monthly contracts and a free proposal discussion with no strings attached. Perfect for a new business on a budget. Find out more...

Want to sell more?

If your website incorporates an online shopping option for your customers then smooth and intuitive e-commerce features are an absolute must-have for your business. This is a tough feature to incorporate without expert guidance. Fortunately, Abacus Web Services has years of experience creating sophisticated but simple e-commerce solutions that will transform your website into a more profitable space. Find out more...

Review Management

Most business owners know the horrible feeling of checking in on their social media ‘reviews’ page to see a scathing attack on their service or product. It’s often a heart-pounding, panic-inducing moment that may leave you unsure of how to respond, or how best to rectify the situation so that your business isn’t damaged in any way.

The truth is, reviews do matter. Statistics show that over half of consumers will check out some recent reviews of a business before deciding to invest their hard-earned bucks in a product or service. And that’s fair enough, but how do you deal with that as a business owner? Are you adequately prepared to handle less-than-fabulous feedback?

That’s where Review Management from Abacus Web Services comes into play. We have a tool that will help you control your reviews and manage your reputation effectively so that future customers have the best possible impression of your business.

How It Works

With our tool, every customer who visits your service or purchases a product will be prompted by email or text to leave some form of feedback.

Don’t panic – this is a good thing. Getting plenty of reviews is generally a positive sign, and it encourages people with great experiences to have their say, instead of leaving only those with negative experiences feeling compelled to speak up. Prospective customers use review site ratings to make comparisons before they make a purchase, and this large influx of largely positive reviews will do wonders for your business.

If your business receives a Thumbs Up, we send your customer over to your social media channels to share the love.

If we see a Thumbs Down, we ask the customer to fill in a feedback form that then goes directly to you so you can interact with the customer and address the issue yourself with no negative public exposure along the way. Research by Vandasta Marketing has shown that 70% of customers who complain about a service will come back to that same business if they feel that the issue has been resolved in their favor. Our tool gives you the option to make that resolution quickly and privately, improving your odds of increasing your sales and giving you the opportunity to make improvements to your service when necessary.

Our Review Management tool could revolutionize the way you do business and do incredible things for your customer service. Get in touch with Abacus Web Services today to implement the service.

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