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We all understand the significance of a strong first impression. What kind of impression is your business’s website making on your clients? Websites drive business, introduce your services or products to potential customers, and present a major marketing opportunity on even the tightest budget. They connect you with your customers on a 24/7 basis. If you’re not sure that your website is doing the best job possible, speak to us about how we can help. Find out more...

How's your traffic?

If your business website’s traffic is low, there are steps you can take to boost those figures. Abacus Web Services offer tailored SEO and PPC campaigns that will find your market, target them with specific digital marketing, and make sure they land on your website. We can offer you with limited start-up costs, no overpriced monthly contracts and a free proposal discussion with no strings attached. Perfect for a new business on a budget. Find out more...

Want to sell more?

If your website incorporates an online shopping option for your customers then smooth and intuitive e-commerce features are an absolute must-have for your business. This is a tough feature to incorporate without expert guidance. Fortunately, Abacus Web Services has years of experience creating sophisticated but simple e-commerce solutions that will transform your website into a more profitable space. Find out more...

Online Reputation Management Services in USA

What’s Your Reputation?

Reputation management is certainly not a new concept. Companies, governments, celebrities, and private individuals have been utilizing public relations firms for many years to carefully control the way others perceive them. In the past, this would have primarily been managed through public campaigns, leaked stories in the media, and word-of-mouth.

In today’s business world where the Internet and social media have the final say, reputation management has become more important than ever. Through online reputation management, Abacus Web Services creates strategies that will shape or influence the public perception of your brand through the medium of the Internet.

Online anonymity certainly has its perks, but it’s also created an environment in which it’s easy for a disgruntled customer or an irrelevant troll with no connection to your business to post information online that could do harm to the reputation of your business. A poor review or negative comment can have a profound impact on an organization or individual. This kind of occurrence could cost you valuable client relationships, lead to a decrease in sales, and ultimately translate into potentially catastrophic financial losses.

At Reputation Correction by Abacus Web Services we know that we can help individuals in three major areas:

  • Someone who has made a mistake and now has a mug shot, an arrest record or may even lose in a divorce.
  • Someone who has been caught up in a situation not of their making, but now has a negative reputation by association.
  • Someone who has been deliberately wronged or defamed by someone else.


What If My Reputation Is Great?

If you’ve managed to maintain a positive reputation online thus far, congratulations! That’s wonderful news, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that online reputation management isn’t a useful service for your business. Your good reputation is valuable, and it requires maintenance. This type of service will protect your good standing through your website, blogs, and social media, and is ready to be called into action should negative attention crop up at any stage.

The benefits of a good reputation are both financial and social. It helps keeps your business booming, while maintaining positive relationships with the clients and industry connections you’ve worked so hard to build. Ensuring that only positive and relevant information appears about you when a potential client searches for you online will help keep that standing firmly intact.


How do we do it?

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Building a positive online presence
  • Multi-step planning

Abacus Web Services offers both a Proactive and a Reactive service.

Proactive: We use monitoring systems that immediately alert us to any negative comments or reviews about you as an individual or your business so that a response plan can be put into place efficiently and effectively. Depending on your specific needs, we can also perform scheduled manual reviews across the web to make sure your reputation remains strong at all times.

Reactive: Unfortunately, negative comments and bad reviews are a reality for many businesses, and our reactive service is there to help protect your business if they do crop up so they don’t cause unnecessary damage. We’ll spot them immediately and contact you with a set of our recommendations for how to handle the situation. This generally involves working towards getting unwanted content and images removed while creating positive content to divert public attention from the negativity.


We believe that reputation management should be available and affordable for everyone, so we offer a tailored selection of plans to meet our clients’ varying needs. Whether your business is on an upward swing or struggling along, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to get started on enhancing or rebuilding your reputation right now.

For more detailed information, articles, and advice about reputation management from Abacus Web Services, visit Reputation Correction now.

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