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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, many business activities have come to a halt.

However, smart brands are still able to sustain their business by revising their marketing strategies and adopting new ways to reach their customers. As a result, even after the change in priorities and budget allocations, people are open to connecting with them.

What’s working for them?

With higher ROI and lead generating capabilities, Email Marketing remains a favorite for communicating with their customers. It is a low-cost method that never goes off track whatever the situation is.

Let’s see how you can capitalize on email marketing during the Covid-19 outbreak and recovery.

Switch to Precise Email Messaging

The usual way of drafting emails using buzzwords and offering creative deals will not work today. Your audience will perceive it differently and even in a wrong sense if you shoot them emails with promo codes and discounts related to the crisis.

What can be done?

Use sensitive language to create content that prompts the audience to open and read your email. Resonate your product with something that they need to deal with the current situation. Refrain from “Hurry up!” or last-minute sales offers. Instead, grab their attention with messages that tell how your product can benefit them.

Think Twice About Your Email Content

Here, you need to understand what type of content your audience will prefer at this stage. You have to work on the content that keeps your audience engaged and possibly think to buy from you.

Reconsider every content type that you’re planning to draft in your email.

If it’s a COVID-19 update, it should not necessarily be an email – you can deliver it with a text message or post a general update on your website.

Don’t limit your content to a single product or service to keep yourself from running out of stock.

If you’re planning to invest in some new products/services, schedule emails to engage your customers with upcoming deals.

Most importantly, ensure that the visual content in your emails does not violate the social distancing norms.

Choose the Perfect Time to Send Your Emails

If you don’t want your mails to be moved to the spam folder, you need to revisit your schedule for sending emails.

People are now working from home. Their daily routine is not the same as it was before. The daily commute, regular meetings, and other activities have come to a halt. Hence, it’s important to find an ideal time to send your emails so that people at least do not ignore them because they’re busy or engaged in other activities.

You cannot presume anything! Conduct tests to find at what time your audience is free to engage with you.

Employ Transparency and Communication

Let’s say your customers have managed to place an order. Now, it’s your responsibility to keep them updated about their order status.

Report potential delays or inventory issues directly to the customers to maintain their trust in your services. Don’t hesitate to unveil the reason behind late shipping or deliveries.

Your audience is very well aware of the current situation. They will surely understand the cause. But if you don’t update them consistently, they may refrain from buying the next time.

The aim is to provide value to your customers in such uncertain times. It will maintain and even strengthen your long-term relationships with customers.

At Abacus Web Services, our experts are committed to designing strategic email campaigns that resonate with the current markets and customer behavior. We ensure that your brand delivers the right message at the right time.

Contact us today to devise your email marketing strategy!

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