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Websites are on a range of different browsers and viewpoint sizes. When selecting which font style and size to use, it is wise to consider that people use laptops, smartphones, TVs, tablets, or even smart watches.

In this blog, you will learn why font size and style matter on a website and discover the different web-safe fonts you can utilize on your website.

Font Size and Styles: Why They Matter on a Website and the Types of Fonts to Use

Font and size reflect the content’s tone. The best readable one is the wisest option for your website. For most readers, the approximate distance from their computer screen is 50-60cm and for those on their mobile devices is 30-40cm.

In this case, the font size on your website content determines whether a reader will keep zooming in and out to navigate. The right font size improves readability making it faster and easier to read.

image letters and numbers

Why Does the Font Size Matter?

1. Session Duration on Website

Font size determines the amount of time your viewer will spend on your website. The larger the font, the less time they will spend navigating the site. On the contrary, the smaller the size, the more time a reader will spend trying to zoom in and out of the content.

2. Frustration when navigating

As a website owner, the last thing you wish is to cause frustration to a reader. Hence, choosing the appropriate font size for your website content is wise.

Font Style Matters Too!

Today, there are a variety of web-safe HTML fonts you can choose from. However, here are some key considerations to remember before you choose the font style.

1. Font Styles help to emphasize particularly content.

Using different styles to highlight key points and messages helps a reader to navigate easily and quickly. It will also be easier to differentiate between the different types of content on the website.

For instance, using different styles will show your reader to point out the following content;

  • Main Content
  • Secondary Content
  • Navigation Content


2. Improves SEO and page ranking on search engines

Correctly, your website needs top ranking on search engines to succeed. Hence, using the right font style ensures your site achieves high-quality SEO and top ranking.

Using the right heading throughout your content makes it easier for Google search engines to navigate your content, for instance, using proper H1, H2, H3, and H4 headings.

3. Improves Readability

Font styles determine the Readability of your website content. The right font style allows your reader to navigate regardless of the gadget they are using. An appropriate style allows good visual impact even when reading from a distance of 3-16 feet from the screen.

Some Top Best Web-safe HTML Fonts You Can Utilize

There are many font styles available on the internet. Hence, selecting the best one from a wide range may take work. So, we have a list of the top web-safe HTML fonts you can experiment with on your site. They include the following;

1. Helvetica

It is a web-safe HTML font that is clean and suitable for any display, making it a good choice for your website. Famous brands such as BMW and Jeep have this style for their logos. It accommodates small text sizes making it easier to navigate on a mobile gadget.

2. Calibri

Calibri is appropriate for digital, and screen displays and is available in various text sizes. It is a modern HTML font with round lines with a clean style which is the default font for the Microsoft office suite.

3. Arial

It has a contemporary feel and a thick and sturdy look. You will commonly find it as the default font of Google docs. It is appropriate for your website as it allows Readability when scaled to any size.

As seen, you should consider the perfect font size and styles you use on your website. Otherwise, you risk your clients not being able to navigate through your site’s content, which can mean no sales for you.

If you need help deciding the correct font size or style to use on your website, contact Abacus Web Services. Having been in the web design and development industry for 24 years now, we know what works for the kind of website you have. We will also ensure your website ranks high in search engines, so talk to us today!

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