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QR codes are becoming part of us because you require it in almost everything you do. Take the example of a restaurant; nowadays, most use a QR code menu, and the same applies to product packaging. For business owners, if you are not utilizing the benefits of QR codes in marketing and improving your operations, you are surely missing out!

Now, for the newbies, a QR Code (quick response code) stores information and makes it accessible. It is a two-dimensional barcode you commonly encounter on product information, Google maps, or URL codes. A QR code allows you to access online information through the digital camera on a smartphone or tablet, both android, and iOS.

In this blog, you will discover more about QR codes, from their benefits, to how to use them and create them at home.

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QR Codes: Types Available, How to Use Them, and Why You Should Use Them

Types of QR Codes
You have at least come across a QR code on a product you have bought or from a Google document a colleague has shared with you. Correctly, these QR codes vary depending on the information they embedded and the target audience.

There are over 30 types of QR codes present in the market. Hence, they are categorized into 6 QR code formats as we have below.

1. QR Code Models 1 and 2
This QR code is the most common format that you come across daily. For instance, you will likely see it on Google Documents and URL QR codes.
The distinguishing characteristic of this QR code format is that it can store up to 7089 numerals, with the largest version of model 1 being 14(73×73 modules). On the other hand, the largest version of module 2 is 40(177×177 modules)

2. Micro QR Code
Micro QR code is the second most popular format after models 1 and 2. It is popular in product packaging. If you are close to a package, you can quickly check for it!

So, Micro QR Code is characterized by one orientation, making it easier to print on smaller surfaces. Its module requires at least four modules to function. Its distinguishing characteristic is that its largest version is M4(17×17 modules) and can store up to 25 modules.

3. SQRC Code
SQRC code is similar to a rectangular code but holds some confidential information.

4. Frame QR
This QR code has a frame where you can place images and letters. You will mainly find it on product packages.

5. HCC2D Code
The High Capacity Colored 2 Dimensional Code preserves QR robustness and uses color to increase data density.

How Does a QR Code Work?
A QR code has embedded information within a square or graphic pattern. It is made of black and white dots and lines which appear in two elements, namely:

Three squares; are present at the corners of the QR code. The squares allow the scanner to navigate the code.

The QR code; is present as a pattern that holds specific information.

Now, here’s how to use the QR Code:

  • On your device, open the inbuilt camera app.
  • Point the camera to view the QR code.
  • Tap the banner that appears on your device.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finish signing in.

Why You Should Use QR Codes
QR codes offer you a range of advantages, especially as a B2B business owner. The following are several reasons why you should put using QR codes into consideration:

  • It helps provide more product or service information to the users.
  • QR codes can enhance social media optimization and search engine optimization.
  • QR codes allow faster access to information.
  • Additionally, QR codes will link your print media to your website; therefore, you won’t need to give people your phone number and address.
  • Provide interaction and engagement through a mobile device.
  • Generally, QR codes make the customer’s life easier since they won’t have to write down the web addresses and phone numbers which sometimes, they can do it wrongly.
  • Allow your business to transfer information to a user efficiently.

QR codes are super beneficial to many industries and companies in terms of timesaving, easiness of use, and ability to assess the results of marketing campaigns, among other benefits. If you own a business website and want a seamless operation, consider installing a QR code.

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