Domain Name Registration

Domain names by Abacus Web Services Sarasota Florida

Your domain name should suit your business.

Do you have the right domain name?
Choosing a domain name for your business website isn’t a decision to be made in a hurry. At Abacus Web Services, we’ll consult with you and use our years of experience in the industry and creative input to help you find a name that’s not only available, but will also serve your business and boost your brand.

Do you want to transfer your domain?
If you choose to transfer your domain to Abacus Web Services management, we’ll tackle renewal dates for you and hold it safely in our trust, despite it being firmly under your ownership. This saves you the trouble of dealing with irritating renewal letters, and the transfer will add a one-year extension to your domain registration period, which is always a convenient perk.

Why are domains significant?
The domain you choose and its extension can be extremely important. For example, a .com domain extension tends to rank higher in Google than the alternatives. If you choose an extension like .us, .net, or .web because the .com extension to your chosen domain name is already in use, it’s likely that you will lose traffic to the .com version of your domain. We’ll help make sure your domain and extension will work for your business rather than leading customers in the wrong direction.

How do domains work?
When you type in a domain, such as “”, the request first goes to the domain registry (Hover, Network Solutions, GoDaddy). From there it picks up where the website is hosted and the domain hits the correct web server. You then see the web page; it all happens so quickly that you are unaware of the process.

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